Selling a Home in Lorne Park

Selling a Home in Lorne Park

  • The Papousek Team
  • 12/1/23

Lorne Park is a charming affluent neighborhood in the south end of Mississauga, Canada, near the Lake Ontario shoreline. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery and is loved for its friendly residents, excellent schools, and recreational amenities. The community takes pride in its strong sense of community, making it an ideal place for families or anyone who values a tight-knit community. Lorne Park is a quiet residential area with mature trees and luxury estates with large manicured lots.

Selling luxury real estate requires a unique approach compared to selling a traditional home. It involves showcasing the luxurious amenities and stunning architecture that sets the property apart from others in the market. High-quality photography and virtual tours are a must to capture the essence of the property and attract potential buyers. It takes finesse and attention to detail to successfully sell high-end properties, as buyers in this market have specific tastes and expectations. As a seller in this market, staying proactive and appealing to the right buyer is important. Here are a few tips for selling a home in Lorne Park.

Get your property ready for buyers

Even luxury properties may need a little extra care before listing. Many homes require the expertise of a real estate agent and interior designer in order to showcase its best features. By working with professionals who know how to showcase your home, you can ensure your home will be a hit with buyers.

Speak with multiple real estate agents

Choosing the right real estate agent is crucial when listing, marketing, and selling your Lorne Park home. It is recommended to speak with multiple agents to better understand their approach to selling properties. Ask about any credentials they might have, such as certifications and awards, as well as a track record of successful sales in your local market. Finding an agent who understands your property’s unique features and selling points and can effectively communicate those to potential buyers is vital.

Find out your home’s market value

Selling a house involves many steps, and one important process is scheduling a home appraisal. A home appraisal is a review of your property to determine its value, which is essential for setting a listing price. Your home value can change from year to year, depending on the desirability of your neighborhood, local market trends, and recent upgrades or renovations. A professional appraiser will compare your home to those recently sold in your area. With an accurate market value, you can either choose to list your home or plan upgrades to add value.

Determine appropriate upgrades

Carefully chosen upgrades and renovations can add significant value and appeal to your home. However, you should think carefully about which improvements you’d like to make, as not every project will provide a return on your investment. For example, upgrading the kitchen or bathrooms can add value to the home, while more niche upgrades, such as a built-in sound system, may not have as broad an appeal. As you make plans, consider the overall look and feel of your home. Upgrading one area of a home while neglecting others can create a property imbalance.

Stage your home and take professional photos

Even high-end properties can benefit from the added touch of a professional home stager. Staging highlights a property’s unique features, amenities, and architectural details through furniture placement and curated decor. Staged homes are often on the market for fewer days and sell for a higher price than unstaged homes, so it’s important to consider hiring a professional stager if you want to meet your selling goals.

Selling a house requires attention to detail and effective marketing tools, like professional photography. High-end property photos are crucial in showcasing the property’s beauty, as they offer a first look to buyers searching for homes online. Images can also be used in marketing materials like brochures, signs, and advertisements.

Selling your Lorne Park home

After your home is updated, staged, and photographed, it’s time to work with your agent to list and market your home.

List your property and promote it

When creating a listing for your home, you should have all the necessary information available for potential buyers. This includes pertinent information such as the size and layout of the property, luxury features and amenities, floor plans, recent upgrades or renovations, and a detailed description of the neighborhood and surrounding area.

Pinpoint your target audience and create a tailored marketing plan to ensure your home receives attention from the right buyers. A marketing plan can involve social media and planning exclusive events or private showings. Your agent will have a network of industry professionals that they can also tap into, such as other agents working with motivated buyers.

Plan open houses and schedule showings

Open houses and private showings give buyers a chance to connect with your property in person. During open houses, potential buyers can tour your home freely and see its unique features and amenities first-hand. Private showings, on the other hand, give serious buyers a more focused and intimate experience. By offering both open and private showings, you will be able to cater to various levels of buyer interest and investment.

FAQ on selling Lorne Park property

It’s not uncommon to have questions about the selling process.

Can I sell my home independently?

Selling a home without an agent is possible but comes with challenges. When selling a home independently, you take on the responsibilities of a real estate agent, from marketing and advertising the house to negotiating with potential buyers. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming without the expertise or connections a real estate agent provides.

How can I get more money for my home?

The best way to make a higher profit on your Lorne Park home is to follow the best practices listed here, like working with a local real estate agent, planning upgrades, staging, and marketing. You’ll find that skipping stages can impact your sale price. For example, if you renovate your home but don’t put in the effort to create an effective marketing plan, it’s possible interested buyers will never see your listing.

Get started with a local agent

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