What Is Matterport?

What Is Matterport?

  • The Papousek Team
  • 07/10/20
If you’re even remotely involved in or interested in Real Estate, you’ve probably been seeing and hearing about Matterport lately, especially over the last few months. The reason for this seemingly overnight sensation popping up everywhere is no coincidence — Matterport is an innovative newer technology that allows prospective buyers to see a home in-depth without having to physically travel there. 
With the growing trend of virtual reality games and entertainment, not to mention recent circumstances calling for physical distancing, Matterport’s futuristic technology is a welcome innovation which has chosen its moment well to emerge. Once we became familiar, we knew we had to provide this game-changing experience to our clients!
Matterport is a 3D camera that allows users to interact with the house through a virtual model of a home’s floor plan. The result is a realistic, fully immersive tour experience, which allows the viewer to interact with the property in three different ways:
  • By taking a walking tour of the house,
  • Viewing a 3D “dollhouse” model of the house, and
  • Seeing a birds-eye view of the house to understand the layout of each floor.

Matterport’s technology lets you virtually walk through with the click of a button, saving both time and energy!
We love our open houses and physical showings, and this technology allows us to have a similar experience as we continue to do our part to keep our communities safe while we follow physical distancing guidelines. Matterport is simply another tool in our tool kit and an excellent way to immerse your remote buyers by breaking the distance barrier and create a lasting emotional connection with the incredible homes we offer.

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