The backbone of the company and Peter’s partner in life and business, Kathryn was an accomplished real estate professional when she met Peter in 1989.

A designer by training, Kathryn has designed it all — from custom homes to high end jewellery, there isn’t much her keen eye for detail and depth can’t handle. This has been a great asset in her real estate career and led her to explore the world of marketing. Kathryn’s excellent marketing skills allowed the business to package and promote their luxury listings for maximum exposure and results.

Kathryn is a multi faceted business leader with her experience as a designer, a real estate professional and a copywriter. She’s honest to a fault and not afraid to make difficult decisions. Her work ethic and dedication to doing the right thing is what keeps PPRE’s standards at a high level.

What is the most memorable item you have designed?

I designed my wedding ring so that’s very special to me. I designed the home we live in as well as some of the pieces of furniture in our home so there are a lot of memories and meaning in all of that.

What drew you to real estate?

I wanted to work with people. I found a lot of satisfaction is finding the perfect home for my clients and fell in love with real estate after just a few transactions. It also allowed me to incorporate my love for design into my daily work so its been a rewarding career.