Jennifer’s ethos in life is to set and crush goals. This is not a new mindset, its how she has managed her life and career from the very beginning.

Driven by her passion for her job and her strong ability to connect with people, Jennifer leads with her cleints’ best interest at heart, and is only satisfied when she has achieved the best results for them.

“I am a very social person, I love people and nothing makes me happier than seeing cleints find their dream home, or sell their home for the best price possible.” It’s no wonder then that real estate is proving to be a great fit for Jennifer.

When she isn’t working on a deal, she can be found hiking with her husband and two children or travelling to her favourite destinations.

Who is your role model?

I truly admire my mother. She has always led by example and is my biggest supporter. I admire her kindness, patience and that she has always been there for our family.

What makes you a strong real estate agent?

I’m ambitious, strong and loyal. My dedication to every client, no matter the price of the project creates strong results and outcomes for my clients.